The updates have been scarce, I know, but things are in the works (take a look a the What? When and Where? page).

The Damned Souls of Fenleist is being released by this month (and their staff really knocked that one right out of the park), Purple Duck games and I have started working on a trilogy of introductory psionics adventures in the Pathfinder rule set (using the rules detailed in Psionics Unleashed by Dreamscarred Press™) and my rough draft for the next edition of the Adventurer’s Essentials product line by Skortched Urf’ Studios is nearly done.

The Clockwork Wonders of Brandlehill 1.5 should be available two weeks from today, so keep an eye out and don’t forget to grab the free Magical Armament Compendium Volume I to tide you over until then!