Have you seen the AdventureAWeek.com blog yet?

Check it out!


           Magic Item Mondays, where readers submit their ideas and see them illustrated into entries to the Armory of Adventures!

           Trap Tuesdays are when Rory Toma of TrapADay.com fame expounds on how he goes about the notorious task of so challenging an enterprise, bringing us devices to torture and delight our characters (and players)!

           Meta Thursdays are when we take a step away from the table to take a look at our players and give fellow Game Masters insight into how we run a game or design an adventure!

           Story Saturdays, when survivors of AdventureAWeek.com modules recount their tales of terror, suspense, comedy and daring in the Library of Adventures!

           Statblock Sundays, an opportunity for readers of the blog to create statistics for a new monster each week!


Are you still here?!? Get to it!


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