I’ve been Interviewed!

It’s been almost a month since my last post and for that I am deeply sorry, but this event did not come to pass without good reason.

I’ve been quite a busy bee.

Between overseeing the final tasks for The Mysterious Peaks of Baranthar, editing material for the (hardcover) Rise of the Drow and the AdventureAWeek.com Pathmaster series, running the AdventureAWeek.com Blog and successfully submitting a mini-adventure for Pathways, this enchantingly decorated place slipped my mind. 

AdventureAWeek.com is not only nominated for an Ennie but also kind enough to have interviewed me! Please give it a read!

Gencon is around the corner (next week!) but if you happen to see me (I’ll be running about in a pink Slowbro shirt and a Spider-Man Outfit-shirt) say hello!


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