An Incredible Week

The past two weeks (and the remainder of this week) have been dominated with working on Rise of the Drow, which is perilously close to being finished (as far as the words are concerned) and is right on schedule for release in March 2014.

I strongly encourage you to grab a copy now, while they last. For my part, there’s a brand new kind of magic item, a unique new material, several new creatures and I probably wrote a third or more of the Fungi Forest section (it is quite vast and hard to quantify).

If I ever have a gamemaster tell me we’re walking in there, I’m going to re-train immediately. Living through it, certainly, will be key – the trick is making that happen.

In other news, I’m working on something for Fantasy Flight Games. It is too awesome for mere words to describe, so I’ll simply refrain from trying. It’s going to be incredible though, I promise (although I couldn’t say anything at all specific about it, even if I wanted to).

What I CAN talk about is The Mysterious Peaks of Baranthar, which is right around the corner. Neil Myler, my competent layout guy, is hard at work finishing the maps and putting together an image for the Slopes of Madness encounter. The final draft of the text got into his inbox a few days ago and I suspect we’ll be seeing it made into a beautiful PDF soon.


During GenCon, Neil and I sat down and worked out a logo for the self-publishing imprint. Let me know what you think!


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