Some Wickedness

That’s been the word of the day all week for me.

I can’t say what exactly I’m doing for Fantasy Flight Games or Frog God Games, but my input in the former has been well received and playtesting for the latter was awesome. Oftentimes I’m way too lenient on my players but tonight I took them to the brink of destruction and it was fantastic (I won’t get into details until I’m told that I can, but I scared the bejeezus out of them from the start and got them to panic).

Rise of the Drow is coming along nicely, as are the prologues and epilogues. 

My queue is full and I’ve got to get back to it, but my layout man says that The Mysterious Peaks of Baranthar will be all done by some point this week! That will without a doubt give you a fine idea of how dark it gets; all that is being self-published for a very good reason. 😉

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