The Mysterious Peaks of Baranthar and an Open Call for Artists!

The latest module in the Grualroth’s Rot adventure series, The Mysterious Peaks of Baranthar, is now available for $4 on, and the d20pfsrdstore! The enigma behind this leg of the journey is guaranteed to shock and horrify your PCs once they reach the distant summit of the notorious, snow-swept mountain range!


I’m also excited to announce an Open Call for artists. If you’ve got the chops for illustrating the bizarre and beautiful, send me to your portfolio or contact me with some sample images. You will be responsible for the cover, drawing landscapes, bestiary entries and action scenes (some black and white, some color).

The chosen artist will be privy to 33% of all profits from the venture and will be responsible for the vast majority (all save two images) of Bandit King Grogth Bloodfang, the next module in the Grualroth’s Rot adventure series (and possibly additional work on subsequent products)!

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