Where have you been?!?


Writing! I just compiled this month’s big project—it clocked in at a total of 50,000 words (~10,000 of that is reprinted material, but still!)

That isn’t all I’ve been up to either; another companion project is tied off to that and other final drafts have been going out here or there. Just as soon as I’m allowed to talk about any of them (damnable NDAs!) I’ll blab as much as humanly possible (read: as is professionally acceptable or advisable) here.

In other news, D&Diesel may FINALLY be moving along soon. Updates are to come but I’m hoping that come the end of January, we’ll be able to, “drop the track”, as the kids say.


We already celebrated hannukah, but my folks are of the Christmas breed.
Either way, Steph and I want to wish everyone a very happy holidays, and many hours of fine gaming and fine friends!

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