The Fleeting Immortality of Youth

Somehow I managed to really wonk up my shoulder, and two hours later came down with a head cold that would stymie Iceman.

Still, I assure you, I am hard at work.
Things may be happening soon with Varakt’s Halo (it may be moving elsewhere from Purple Duck Games; we’ll see), the Underworld Classes and Races have finished up, the Mnemonic and Conduit base classes for Amora Games are nearing the end of development and I’m ready to dive into an appropriately timed winter adventure in Rhune: Dawn of Twilight for Stormbunny Studios.


In the meanwhile, if you didn’t grab up Weaky Leeks in the interim, have you checked out The Mysterious Peaks of Baranthar yet?

Endzeitgeist did, and he doled out 5/5 stars for it.
*arm juke*


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