Playtesting Tuesdays

Every Tuesday from 3-7 PM, I run a Pathfinder game at Game Masters, my favorite hobby store from childhood (and it remains so). Partly for my players, partly for promoting Phil’s (the owner) site and mostly to allow folks new to the game to catch up with what’s going on (and see if it’s for them), I keep a written record of what I can talk about—a journal of their adventures.

Thus far there has been….

Out of Feiknstafir, On To Lethis and Meeting The Red

Dashing Past Dashporte and the Odd Octopus

and Duplicitous Doings, Undead Awakenings and the Twilight Twins.

If you’ve got a minute to read, you may find them interesting—I for one have been immensely enjoying the sessions with this group, and look forward to it every Tuesday.
You might too. 🙂


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