Cons, adventures across the pond, and some fiction!

I’ve been busy!

Press articles for Tekko 2014 and Steel City Con are on the way over at NERDTREK, I’ve polished off a superb adventure for EN Publishing that is going into art & layout, I’m writing a second (enormous) piece for them this week, and of course, I’m plugging away at the AaWBlog.

Of that, I’ll point you to two specific posts:

The underterror is an upcoming base class for Pathfinder (from the imminent Underworld Classes line), and I put together a great little story about them for Thursday.

On Friday, I put up an excellent little short piece about the hoyrall (of the emerging Underworld Races line).


Check them out—both show off some more of that fantastic Jacob Blackmon artwork! You’ll have spent five minutes of your day very well if you do. 😀


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