N.O.W. things are heating up

If you’re in the know in the RPG Industry, you know about EN World — these are the folks behind the Ennies!

Russ Morrissey is the man behind the action over there across the pond. I’ve already written one adventure for him (Tip of the Tongue – in development now) and I’m excitedly working through the last part of a very excellent sequel.

Anyway, he’s running a FANTASTIC KICKSTARTER for two new gaming systems: O.L.D. and N.E.W., and has already run out of stretch goals (with ten days left to go!). Looking for something else to add, he put out a call on Facebook for somebody to write N.O.W., a modern supplement to complement those two.

Hitting the keyboard like the maniac I am, I hammered out some basic ideas and in short order he and I got an agreement together—there’s a new stretch goal getting added for N.O.W., and this guy right here is the author!

So if you’ve been wondering, “what new games should I be looking at?” The answer is O.L.D., N.E.W. and the time is N.O.W.!

The Kickstarter is HERE! Go get on board now and catch on to the next big thing in tabletop gaming before the train leaves the station!


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