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Sean’s Common PRD Links

If you are constantly roaming the PRD (Pathfinder) for various rules, you absolutely need to have this.
Enormous time saver. Do not skip.

Sean K Reynolds

common PRD links screenshot

As a designer and developer, I have to look up a lot of information in the rules. For me, it’s usually faster to jump to Paizo’s PRD (Pathfinder RPG Reference Document), an online indexed html reference of all their core books, than to grab a specific book and page to what I’m looking for.

To make it even easier for me to navigate, I created a chunk of html with hotlinks to each class, the skill index, the feat indexes for each book, the spell lists for each book, the monster lists for the first three Bestiaries, and so on. And I even added similar links to the 3.5 SRD, just so I could make a comparison to an older version of the rule.

And I made that page my browser’s home page, so I can quickly access it.

I’ve posted earlier versions of it before…

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Good news, folks!

Plans have been finalized for Gen Con and Paizo Con—I will be at both! If you see me bopping around, stop and say hello, or drop by the AdventureAWeek.com booth!

If you already saw me at a convention or have an interest in conventions out here in Pittsburgh, check out the two NERDTREK articles detailing my experiences at Tekkocon 2014 (and if you like them, there’s at least one more on the way as well as some coverage for Steel City Con)!

And of course there’s some new information availablTim Curry spitting out foode for N.O.W.—I’ve contacted a tattoo artist, and am working out the concept for what’s going on my back. Right now we’re toying with the idea of Dolph Lundgren in a melee with Jackie Chan while Bruce Willis takes aim from behind a flaming barrel (with, of course, Dolph taking aim with his own SMG). We’ll see what the artist comes up with and I will make sure to post whatever he comes up with once we’ve got something!

T.C.B. so I can get to N.O.W.!

Felix shoes
Felix has declared Stephanie’s shoes as his own now that she left on vacation. Will getting them back be qualified as a “cat fight”?

As the middle of the month looms I’m happy to say that things are relatively on track! My work today should see most of  Maddening May prepared to post over on the AaWBlog, two (three or four, technically) “big” projects for Stormbunny Studios have been turned in (first drafts, anyway), playtesting began (and continues!) on that very exciting sequel (and so far, so good!), Disaster in Drak’kal (the first in the Dracoprimia adventure path!) is nearly ready for release on the AdventureAWeek.com website, and I’m probably neglecting a thing or two. Oh, the Underworld books are in layout now? So expect some crazy amazing material coming your way, illustrated by the inimitable Jacob Blackmon.

However, now Paizo has put up another opening in a position that I’m qualified for (and extremely interested in) so the cover letter for that is going to eat up time; still, I think I’ll be getting my head as far as I can into N.O.W. by this weekend. If you’re stopping by because of it, please let me know why—leave a comment. My goal is to make it the best game possible, and I know that the folks deeper in the O.L.D. is N.E.W. trenches have some great ideas for places they want to see N.O.W. go: make your voice heard!

N.O.W. for an update

I really, really hope you aren’t getting tired of the N.O.W. puns, folks, because they may well become a matter of course from N.O.W. on.

If you didn’t hear me screaming from the mountaintops, I am beside myself with excitement: O.L.D. is N.E.W. funded all the way (AND THEN SOME) and spawned N.O.W., which is going to be an action-packed RPG smackdown filled to the brim with adrenaline and CHI.

My body refused to sleep, it’s so damned excited, and I’m clearing out the rest of my schedule to really tackle this project!

If you are a publisher expecting content from me, expect it soon.

Hopefully we’ll have a N.O.W. playtest document together by the end of May, but that’s optimistic speculation, not a hard date.


Thanks to everyone who shared it, liked it, tweeted it, donated to it, and generally talked about it. This is momentous. You are all rock stars!

N.O.W.! Do it N.O.W.!

Ladies and gentlemen, tabletop players, game masters—the time to unite is N.O.W.!

The Kickstarter is picking up steam in these LAST 48 HOURS and if the final pledge level gets hit, the awesome 80’s action begins with N.O.W.! Another 25% funding and we are there!

There’ll be Ahnold action, there will be Shaft action, there will Die Hard John McClain action, there will be kung fu kicking Jackie Chan action, there will be high stakes espionage Bond action—the list goes on!

I’ve never been so excited about a project before, and the potential in O.L.D. and N.E.W. is already so ripe that N.O.W. promises to be a fantastic addition! Help us make that happen! Spread the word! Tweet it! Facebook it! Myspace it, even!

There’s less than 48 hours to get in on these premium hardcover books!

Join the movement: what’s O.L.D. is N.E.W. and we need to fund it N.O.W.!