N.O.W. for an update

I really, really hope you aren’t getting tired of the N.O.W. puns, folks, because they may well become a matter of course from N.O.W. on.

If you didn’t hear me screaming from the mountaintops, I am beside myself with excitement: O.L.D. is N.E.W. funded all the way (AND THEN SOME) and spawned N.O.W., which is going to be an action-packed RPG smackdown filled to the brim with adrenaline and CHI.

My body refused to sleep, it’s so damned excited, and I’m clearing out the rest of my schedule to really tackle this project!

If you are a publisher expecting content from me, expect it soon.

Hopefully we’ll have a N.O.W. playtest document together by the end of May, but that’s optimistic speculation, not a hard date.


Thanks to everyone who shared it, liked it, tweeted it, donated to it, and generally talked about it. This is momentous. You are all rock stars!

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