Felix shoes

Felix has declared Stephanie’s shoes as his own now that she left on vacation. Will getting them back be qualified as a “cat fight”?

As the middle of the month looms I’m happy to say that things are relatively on track! My work today should see most of  Maddening May prepared to post over on the AaWBlog, two (three or four, technically) “big” projects for Stormbunny Studios have been turned in (first drafts, anyway), playtesting began (and continues!) on that very exciting sequel (and so far, so good!), Disaster in Drak’kal (the first in the Dracoprimia adventure path!) is nearly ready for release on the AdventureAWeek.com website, and I’m probably neglecting a thing or two. Oh, the Underworld books are in layout now? So expect some crazy amazing material coming your way, illustrated by the inimitable Jacob Blackmon.

However, now Paizo has put up another opening in a position that I’m qualified for (and extremely interested in) so the cover letter for that is going to eat up time; still, I think I’ll be getting my head as far as I can into N.O.W. by this weekend. If you’re stopping by because of it, please let me know why—leave a comment. My goal is to make it the best game possible, and I know that the folks deeper in the O.L.D. is N.E.W. trenches have some great ideas for places they want to see N.O.W. go: make your voice heard!