Good news, folks!

Plans have been finalized for Gen Con and Paizo Con—I will be at both! If you see me bopping around, stop and say hello, or drop by the booth!

If you already saw me at a convention or have an interest in conventions out here in Pittsburgh, check out the two NERDTREK articles detailing my experiences at Tekkocon 2014 (and if you like them, there’s at least one more on the way as well as some coverage for Steel City Con)!

And of course there’s some new information availablTim Curry spitting out foode for N.O.W.—I’ve contacted a tattoo artist, and am working out the concept for what’s going on my back. Right now we’re toying with the idea of Dolph Lundgren in a melee with Jackie Chan while Bruce Willis takes aim from behind a flaming barrel (with, of course, Dolph taking aim with his own SMG). We’ll see what the artist comes up with and I will make sure to post whatever he comes up with once we’ve got something!


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