Sean’s Common PRD Links

If you are constantly roaming the PRD (Pathfinder) for various rules, you absolutely need to have this.
Enormous time saver. Do not skip.

Sean K Reynolds

common PRD links screenshot

As a designer and developer, I have to look up a lot of information in the rules. For me, it’s usually faster to jump to Paizo’s PRD (Pathfinder RPG Reference Document), an online indexed html reference of all their core books, than to grab a specific book and page to what I’m looking for.

To make it even easier for me to navigate, I created a chunk of html with hotlinks to each class, the skill index, the feat indexes for each book, the spell lists for each book, the monster lists for the first three Bestiaries, and so on. And I even added similar links to the 3.5 SRD, just so I could make a comparison to an older version of the rule.

And I made that page my browser’s home page, so I can quickly access it.

I’ve posted earlier versions of it before…

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