BSP (Big Secret Project) and the Beztekorps

Recently I’ve started talks with a publisher for a Big Secret Project, and I can’t reveal a ton about it. However, I’ve been sitting on this material (which is totally mine, and just popped out of my head) for about two weeks and I simply cannot contain myself any longer.

Did anybody else freaking love Attack on Titan? I was instantly hooked; the sense of drama and action is great, and the concept of flying around in the air and fighting giants? Priceless.

Enjoy this — how I would run an Attack on Titan game in Pathfinder — spread it around, and kick ass while flying through the air like a boss!

PS: Full disclosure? This is part of BSP 😀
PPS: This isn’t going to be up forever! After a week or two I’m pulling this post and you’ll have to wait for BSP to see it again!


[redacted – BSP is coming soon :D]

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