PaizoCon – Part 1


This is me holding two hardcover books, both of which I was fortunate enough to be included in. One is Rise of the Drow, an excellent and expansive adventure by and not something to be missed; the second (smaller) book is Tome of Decay from Fantasy Flight Games, and is chock full of Nurgle-loving goodness.
I am still floored that I’ve only been cracking at this for a year, and really don’t know how to deal with it.


PAIZOCON was great!
Hard at work on the Monster Codex!

I landed in Seattle without incident and was hosted for the first two nights by easily the most generous, kind people I have ever had the pleasure of being housed by—LJ and Owen Stephens. He gave me a tour of the Paizo offices! There was a flurry of activity as the crew prepared for the convention, but everybody was super cool.paizo office 2

paizo office 3Fortunately I made my Sleight of Hand check to snag the (first of several) bill(s) at the AFK Elixirs and Eatery (a place I strongly recommend), and I got to pay them back at least a little bit but will feel as though I am forever in their debt regardless.


Can you find Clinton? Or Brian Darnell?
Can you find Clinton?

Thursday night I finally met face to face with a ton of great people, and while I don’t want to leave anyone feeling slighted (like the affable Michael McCarthy, the ever pleasant Michael Allen, or the very funny Luis Loza), one of these individuals takes the cake—Clinton Boomer.

Stop reading this for a minute, go follow his tumblr, and add him on Facebook, and so on and so forth. He is both hilarious and brilliant, and I ended up spending a great deal of my time outside smoking cigarettes with him getting drawn into conversation again and again by this nigh-hypnotic gonzo whirlpool of game design.


Jonathan G. Nelson (my excellent second host and owner of finally got to the Con late on Friday but we booked it right quick, which was well enough (I was starting to get what I now know to be low blood sugar after not eating for ~12 hours).

Then things got weird.

Heading to the nearest spot Jonathan knew of for good food, we opted to sit at the bar rather than at a table and I just saddled up to the nearest stool. Looking down onto the surface of the bar, I see a nameplate.plate 2

Then Jonathan looks down at what’s on the bar in front of his stool and sees this:

plate 1


What are the f#&$*(@ chances?


Plenty more noteworthy things went down as the weekend went on, but I feel like we’ve hit a good stopping point and frankly, I have a ton of work to do after the deals and what have you that got made last weekend.
Before I duck out however, a little final analysis?

PaizoCon is great and you should be going there if you can.


The next post will reveal some of the great things on the way, but until then, I hope everybody had an independence day as great as mine. 😀




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