The Rhune Kickstarter, jotunfolk, and more!

rhune promoAnother exciting week in the House of Myler!

I’m involved with two ongoing Kickstarters: Snow White (which is having a sweet contest on Facebook) and the new Rhune: Dawn of Twilight character primer and adventures. Moreover, I’m starting the rollout for another (god I wish I could show off the art that’s coming in), my own baby (BSP!) at the start of August; keep your eyes peeled.
If you’re tuned in here for N.O.W., things are moving along there as well; I’ve got the basics for CHI worked out, I’m getting together the various new careers, and think I’ve narrowed down the various additional rules that need put together (asymmetric odds, anyone?).


There are quite a few different irons in the fire with Storm Bunny Studios, and unfortunately, I can’t reveal them all. Some have to remain quite secretive for now (I can only tell you the name one of them—The Zephyrfan Tournament) but I can and will talk up the other two!


giant with giantOne of my contributions to the revamped Rhune: Dawn of Twilight setting is jotunfolk—giant-kin! A PC race of enormous warriors that are written into (and suffuse) the history of Rhune, along with awesome feats, magic items, mundane equipment, favored class options, spells—everything you need for some big adventures.

Arguably, the best part of jotunfolk is the bordr m[redacted]. Just thinking about that sends a chill down my spine, but it plays so well into the honor system that I couldn’t walk away from the idea. Don’t get me wrong—it is totally awesome—but the whole idea of [redacted] is very, very grim.



Frigided-Reflections-16-x-2 actual paintingSpeaking of shivering, I’m about to really dig in and get to work on the third adventure: Frigid Reflections. The core of my outline is there but more needs done yet, and the recent cold spell (comfortably in the 60s) here in Pittsburgh is the perfect opportunity to get things done. The module is piecing together various parts of the lore in Rhune and should weave into a wonderful tale, but be warned—it starts out deadly, and ultimately ends up cold and deadly. Not to play my cards already, but there may or may not be a mythic giant involved.


If you were on the fence with this project, I suggest you hop over onto our side now. Great things are on the way with the (already funded and working into stretch goals) Rhune Kickstarter, and getting in now is the canny gamer’s best bet!




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