GenCon omfg

verantheacodexleak2GenCon 2014 was insane!

Attempting to cover the gamut right off would be impossible, and I am literally sore all over (probably from carrying a barrel filled with product across Indianapolis and back to my car then hauling ass back to Pittsburgh).


A bit of recovery time is in order and for the most part, I am taking today off.


There is a really big announcement coming tomorrow, but that demonic cat is leaking the artwork now!
Damn you, Olive!

Prepare yourselves for the reveal tomorrow though. 😀



Otherwise I’d like to thank…

  • my host Jonathan G. Nelson (who snagged and is helping pay for my hotel stay — way to be dude!)
  • Lou Agresta for including me in some of the best Baron von Munchausen games I have ever played (and an opportunity to speak about my most prodigious phallic qualities), along with everyone else that played (special mentions for Lou, Clinton Boomer, Thirsty [what is your real name, dude?!], Tim Hitchcock, Cosmo, and Erik Mona for bringing their A-games to that.)
  • Owen Stephens and LJ for being great people, always. The number of parallels between Owen’s life and my emerging career are chilling and it was amazing to find out there were even more than the ones I knew about already.
  • Dixie Carr for being the best Chief of Minion Sciences the world will ever see.
  • Ryan Macklin for setting my f#)($% shit straight (like always, the man cuts to the matter in freaking seconds; he may be Zeus!)
  • Russ and Darren Morrisey for finding time for a meeting for N.O.W. (a crazy productive meeting – double thanks to you two!)
  • the child dressed like a Space Marine that returned my call to the Emperor with his own screaming rendition – that was amazing.
  • Eric Johns of Wyrd Games for taking the time out of his very busy booth to chat with me! My excitement for what we talked about knows absolutely no bounds.
  • Frank Mentzer for doing the same in the Auction Hall!
  • Larry Elmore for doing the same at his very busy booth!
  • Dashell, Sarika (I CAN REMEMBER NAMES I SWEAR), and Bevan for helping run the 3D Virtual Tabletop/AaW booth!
  • the ENnies for awarding the AaWBlog a Silver ENnie!!!
  • our dedicated readers that voted for us in the ENnies!!!
  • Lisa Stevens, Wes Schneider, Sonja Morris, Erik Mona, that crazy tattooed biker-turned-programmer (your name escapes me sir; Cortez feels right but that’s probably only in my head), Adam Daigle, and everyone else from Paizo who was down for talking with me for any amount of time – your booth was insane and I’m so happy you found time to chat with me!
  • Jason, Rachel, and Reg Ventura for being f#)(%*^ awesome and great people.
  • Jaye Sonia for getting me utterly shitfaced on bottles of wine, and buying me drinks otherwise.
  • Jacob Blackmon for not soiling either of us when, drunkenly (see above statement about wine), I hoisted him into the air because I was so god damned excited to meet the man that turns my wild imaginings into fantastic artwork.
  • Clinton Boomer because Clinton Boomer.
  • everyone that stopped by Booth #3039 and talked to me about our products or chose to buy one!
  • the people I am inevitably forgetting.

This year was, impossibly, even more exciting, busy, and fantastic than last year. If this keeps up, I will probably have a mental breakdown from awesome before too long. 😀

Thanks go out to you all!
I was honored to be there doing all the things I did, and cannot wait for next year so I can try to trump the fantastic event that was GenCon 2014.



    • Even if it is the last thing either of us does, we will find a proper metaphor that doesn’t end with me striking you down after an epic battle.

      And thanks man! Next time we will talk in increments longer than 10 minutes. Maybe get some Munchausen going on; I rightly owe you a few drinks by now anyway.

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