The VERANTHEA CODEX Kickstarter is now LIVE!

Spoony Jaws - Trectoyri [Jacob Blackmon]

UPDATE: The VERANTHEA CODEX Kickstarter is LIVE and funding strong!


Mike Myler and Rogue Genius Games are launching a Kickstarter for a lavish tome that is part campaign setting, part Advanced Player’s Guide, and part NPC Codex on Friday September 5th.

In summation, it is a book filled with a fantastic, rich, diverse, and unique world, a plethora of player options, and a host of prepared NPCs in the back: gunslingers, oracles, magii, alchemists, and all of the other base classes introduced after the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook!


The world of Veranthea is the brainchild of Ennie-award winner Mike Myler, a campaign setting that began when he started playing the Pathfinder years ago. It’s been lovingly developed into a lush world filled with intriguing characters like Spoony Jawz, the Master in Irons, and Braxthar Grimdrahk (preview PDFs on the way!), located on the three (or five once we’ve funded that far!) great continents: Grethadnis, Urethiel, and Trectoyri.


The Kickstarter launches on Friday September 5th and every other day up until then (and twice a week afterward), the Veranthea Codex tumblr page is getting updated with more information about the book, be it mechanical (like one of the upcoming archetypes and prestige classes) or about content, expanding on the realms and regions that make up Mike’s crazy world.


Of course, this isn’t just Mike Myler’s project!

Luis Loza (of AdventureAWeek and imminent Paizo content), Colin Stricklin (from AdventureAWeek’s amazing monster-centric modules), and Brian Wiborg (from the Ennie-winning AaWBlog! and Raging Swan Press) are each taking over a continent, and the you’ll see new illustrations by Jack Holliday, Jacob Blackmon, Indi Martin, Nathanael Batchelor, and Marc Curlee!

Julian Neale (from the Underworld Classes product line at is keeping our math balanced, Michael McCarthy (of Dreamscarred Press, AaW, LPJ Design, and recently Paizo) is editing the book; between those two, all of the content is going to be perfected in both the numbers and the text.


And there is more yet!

Celebrity contributors include designs and content by Michael Allen, Chris Self, Clinton Boomer, the team behind Dragon, Tiger, Ox (Scott Gladstein, Dayton Johnson, and Christos Gurd),  master of monsters Jacob Michaels, award-winning fiction author Marcus Broaddus, and more! The artwork of Kristoph Nolen and Jen Page is on the docket as well—we just have to reach their amazing stretch goals!


Please stop by the tumblr page and see what this amazing project is about, or download the free PDFs coming down the line once the Kickstarter launches on Friday September 5th!


[links to be added as they become available]

Preview #1: The Beztekorps prestige class
Preview #2: Braxthar Grimdrahk, a scientific innovator in Grethadnis (including a new alchemist class archetype!)
Preview #3: The Master in Irons in Urethiel, the bane of spellcasters that oppose His Golden Personage of Fortitude
Preview #4: Spoony Jawz, top pilot of Trectoyri and smuggler extraordinaire

Thanks for reading, and keep an eye out for the Veranthea Codex Kickstarter launch on Friday, September 5th!

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