Over 70% funded, Goblin King, and Bloopers

The Kickstarter’s last week is going great: we are over 70% funded and at nearly 150 backers with 5 days left!

As soon as we cross the 150-backer mark there’s an awesome announcement, so if you haven’t pledged yet, help us break the news!


If you’re wondering about the tumblr update, it’s true. You can find Grand Master Engineer King Vokrix right here, along with one of his most despised foes: Nemiciel the Steam Sneak, a ninja dragon that liberates her kin (with fantastic concept artwork by Jacob Blackmon!)


Then, of course, there’s the bloopers preview. If you want to watch things fall on my head, check it out on YouTube.


NEW RACE: Dragonii

This is the LAST WEEK of the Veranthea Codex Kickstarter!

If you’ve been waiting in the wings and holding out your pledge, now is the time to back this project!

dragonii 3

We’ve been saving the best tumblr posts for last, and to kick off the home stretch there’s an amazing post for the dragonii—creatures bred by the Trekth Empire to wage war on their draconic forebearers, the imperial dragons of Urethiel.

Their history, society, and relations with others are detailed in full (by Luis Loza), their mechanics are available (yours truly), and we’ve even got some great concept art for each of the subtypes (by Nathanael Batchelor!)

Do not miss this post and don’t miss out on this fantastic project! 😀

THE BIG NEWS: Larry Dixon and Mercedes Lackey!

The Veranthea Codex‘s foreword is going to be written by none other than RPG industry veteran artist Larry Dixon!

Of course that’s not all—NY Times bestselling author Mercedes Lackey is writing up a character for the book that Larry is illustrating (I know him best from Wizard of the Coast’s Oriental Adventures, but you can see his artwork in the Fiend Folio and Epic Level Handbooks as well as scores of other books).

VC_PL_099_autographedThe best part?
You can get a gorgeous, autographed high quality art print of this illustration at the $99 pledge level!

Make sure to back the project before these are all gone! 😀

The best for last!

The tumblr updates are all excellent, but the really good stuff is coming down the line for the home stretch before the funding period ends on Sunday, October 5th!


That means you’re getting a fine dose of the weird Wild West vibe in the Forever Dark today—enjoy it!


dragonii 2To give you a preview of what’s coming though (because it is so good I cannot contain myself), here’s a look at a new player race getting an amazing post on Monday. 😀