The Chainz biker gang, Filthton, and new Add-Ons!

The developer for Trectoyri, Colin Stricklin, has an amazing post on the tumblr that highlights one of the most exciting areas of Trectoyri: dystopian Filthton, home to the Chainz—a biker gang made up of savage ogres and trolls! Definitely check it out; Jacob Blackmon’s even put forth a concept art piece of what one of these cruel motorcyclists look like!

VC_AddOn_NPCCardsWe’ve also got together new, awesome add-ons that Kickstarter backers can start taking advantage of right now!

Face cards that feature the artwork of the Veranthea Codex, NPC Cards to easily reference an enemy or ally’s statistics, a GM screen insert, custom dice (still locked), and digital maps to use with whatever virtual tabletop programs you like best!

Stop by the Veranthea Codex Kickstarter and make your pledge today!

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