Past 75% now! Firearm Recoil rules! Softcover Vouchers!

We’re over 150 backers and past the 3/4 mark! To celebrate, we’re slipping some news I wanted to hold onto until after the project ended:

print-voucher-version2Everyone that pledges to get a Veranthea Codex PDF is getting a voucher they can use to secure an at-cost softcover copy of the book (so ink, glue, paper, and postage)!

If you were holding out for a physical copy of the book, now you can pledge with confidence.


The tumblr update for today’s post is also a juicy one: firearms rules I’ve developed over the last few years.

If you’re tired of the gunslinger destroying all of your baddies before you can use them, I’ve found a good solution to that. 😀


STAY TUNED! There are more exciting announcements before the Veranthea Codex Kickstarter ends on Sunday October 5th!

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