Bad Omens in Ominara has finished playtesting!

One of the adventure scenarios in the Veranthea Codex finished its big story arch tonight: Bad Omens in Ominara. You can read some of what goes on here, but today’s game was just too god damn good not to document.

The PCs, having been seemingly foiled by the doppelganger that survived their assault along the Bedim Wall while trying to retrieve the Shard of Ika, returned to the Order of the Plain Spirit dejectedly. Along the way Astral receives a message through a sending spell; High Priestess Relyk Sheydri has awoken and become aware of a great danger approaching Moenio with a wing of Goblinvanian vehicles behind it!

Rushing to her chambers at the top of the tower, the PCs quickly find that the halfling they were looking for—Kat Gosail—not only lives, but has found her way to the High Priestess! After some hurried discussion, they reach the heart of the matter: though the PCs believed the doppelgangers had acquired the Shard of Ika, they merely grabbed the first thing Kat hid inside the Bedim Wall (a valuable gemstone) and not the artifact—no force on Veranthea could remove it now.

The adventurers are astonished (and quite pleased) to hear that the Shard of Ika hasn’t been recovered by the saboteurs, but are rushed to use the powerful artifact to fight whatever mechanical monstrosity approaches Moenio in a spearhead formation meant to create a beachhead for a huge offensive on Ominara! If the PCs didn’t stop the approaching Destructinator™ in its tracks, the Free Isle would be utterly overcome by the Monstrous Folk!

Bedim Ika conceptRushing back to that part of the Bedim Wall, each took a pouch of dust of emulation and a potion of reduce person to reach the artifact where the halfling hid it, pooling together their collective power to activate the enchanted device. Temporarily losing consciousness, they awaken in one, truly massive body that towers even over the 100-ft. high barrier that protects Moenio and all the southern city-states.

Wading out into the coastal waters, the target of their ire quickly became clear—the Destructinator™ was hunched over, all four of its massive wheeled appendages churning the seawater fervently as it rushed toward Ominara. Opening up with a salvo of cannon fire and ignoring the Explodicus® planes swarming around them, the party (now Bedim Ika) engaged in a fierce boxing match with the mechanical titan, slamming into it with their huge limbs.

Destructinator™ concept artAs the situation became dire and it seemed that the day might be lost should another one of the Destructinator™’s vicious attacks strike home, the magus Vaylik realized that he carried adamantine bullets; coaxing the power of the artifact, he morphed these into powerful cannon shot that ripped through Goblinvania’s enormous diesel monstrosity and convinced its operators to turn back. Injured from the combat, Bedim Ika leapt upon its foe as the goblins within attempted to limp back to Trectoyri, heaving it into the air before slamming it down into the water once more, breaking the colossal vehicle in half.






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