The Veranthea Codex has funded—Wowsers.

Early in the morning on Sunday the Veranthea Codex broke $8,000, and just minutes before the project’s funding period came to a close, crossed the threshold to $9,083 (and 206 backers)!


I’ve said it several times and will do so many more times, but—THANK YOU ALL for backing my world and spreading word about the Kickstarter! We are going to make a truly fantastic tome and if you missed the boat, you’ll be able to grab a copy up in the first quarter of 2015 from Rogue Genius Games.

Artwork is pouring in already and it is amazing. 😀


I’m getting things organized, but I’d gotten so used to pushing the Veranthea Codex all day that I feel like I’m coming home after a long stint away, and the sensation is both strange and worth mentioning. The fact that we are funded and that the road ahead is set still hasn’t sunk in!
Such strangeness!

This weekend I’ll be unavailable (it has been requested of me that I “decompress” so we are going to Pleasantvill…er, Warren PA) so if you are a publisher or someone else that needs to contact me, please do so before Friday or after Sunday. 🙂


I can tell you this for certain though: tomorrow’s game in Ominara is going to be even more awesome than normal!

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