Where you been, Mike?!

Things are going on!

N.O.W.‘s CHI techniques are half done and the rest of the copy is coming together. The careers took a while but they were worth it. 😀
If you’re waiting for that playtest don’t worry, it’s still on the track to meet the deadline.

Speaking of EN World, To Stake A Vampire‘s got a cover artist, a cartographer, and the last playtest after over 60 hours of gaming is imminent, at which point Acts II and III go to layout (Act I is already being put to the page).


But what about the VERANTHEA CODEX Mike?!!?


There are other super exciting things happening that I’m unfortunately not allowed to talk about just yet, and I took this brief break from working on them to post this little update. Stay tuned to hear about some super exciting things as soon as I’m able to share them. 😀


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