Busy busy busy doing things. An exciting new project is getting the putty smacked onto the sculpture wire, as it were, and I’m really stoked about it.

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N.O.W. Playtest is OUT! Veranthea’s layout has begun!

cover art for NOWIt’s TRUE! I’ve some flash fiction to do for it yet, but if you want to take one your careers in Gun Fu, knock about in a martial arts brawl overflowing with CHI, build a super sweet vigilante vehicle, dismantle an evil organization bent on world domination, experience the How to Make an Entrance mini-adventure, or even play as a cartoon (and a hell of a lot more—it’s a big book) swing by EN World!


The Veranthea Codex is steaming along as well! All of the custom artwork is in and I talk about preparing copy for layout (and show off  some of the settlement cartography included in the book!) in the most recent Kickstarter update.

More is brewing in my radical world, but we’re almost done with new mechanics and such (Michael McCarthy’s rough draft of the Dragonminded prestige class came in today—it is excellent—and I’m working through final approval of copyedits to the regions now). We’ve got a few score of NPCs to design yet (the alchemists, cavaliers, gunslingers, and so on), but we’re looking forward to having all of the typing-heavy bits finished up before the end of February arrives.
In short? Still on schedule and:

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Gaming at the Office: I Built My Character Wrong

Sean K Reynolds

This is the story of how someone on the Magic: The Gathering team told me I built my character wrong.

It was around 2001 or 2002. I was a designer on the Forgotten Realms team at Wizards of the Coast. Chris Perkins was one of the senior staff at Dungeon Adventures Magazine. Chris ran a weekly 3E D&D game at the office using one of the awesome meeting rooms with the two-sided markerboard (the kind where you’d press a button and the hidden reverse side would scroll into view, and Chris would always pre-draw an awesome map so he could reveal it mid-session). Other players in this group included editor Jeff Quick, editor of Dragon Magazine Dave Gross, periodicals circulation manager Pierce Watters, periodicals editor-in-chief Johnny Wilson, designer Monte Cook (for a little while), periodicals editor Matt Sernett, and editor David Noonan (as a special guest star).

In short, the…

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Reigning in 2015 with deadlines and artwork!

As usual, I am a very busy bee over here so it’s short and sweet again today.

1) Important projects (which I have to remain quiet about right now) have been finished and turned in, and I am stoked to eventually share that with you folks as soon as I can. But that’s not now.

2) Speaking of N.O.W., that’s coming together wonderfully and I’ve sent along something like 30 art orders for it! 😀
Expect to see something soon, action junkies.

3) There’s also awesome stuff happening at the AaWBlog. The month of January is all making your Pathfinder game like Mario, Megaman, or one of the other great video games to come out of the 70s and 80s.
You absolutely must take a look at the 2-Bit Dimension!

4) We’re more than 50% finished with the Veranthea Codex! Everyone has been working extremely hard on the book and it is going to be amazing.

PS: Pathfinders! Something I turned in quite a long time ago, an amazing adventure for [redacted], finally made it to the development phase. It is still one of my favorite pieces and I’ve been dying to see it get published—as soon as it’s out, you will hear about it. 🙂

An emblem for Trianestra put together by the inimitable Justin Andrew Mason.


RPG 30-Day Challenge, Day Ten

That is pretty epic.

Owen K.C. Stephens

Craziest Thing That Happened That You Saw.

There have been a lot of memorable moments over the years. A Rolemaster player rolling 01-03 on % dice three times in a row that caused a failed spell in a barroom brawl to go from putting a guy to sleep to blowing his head off. The Wild Surge that rolled a “random encounter,” which then rolled “Small Fortress,” which caused a full-armed-and-operational super-agent compound to fall on a group of drow slavers in a 2nd Ed D&D game. The unbelievably bad luck of Jacknife, a HERO system villain who was “on paper” the most dangerous psychopathic killer I had ever thrown at any heroes, but in practice was such an ineffectual sad sack the players actually felt bad for him.
But I think the craziest thing I ever saw actually *wasn’t* the result of fringe die results.
It was a 1st ed…

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