RPG 30-Day Challenge, Day Ten

That is pretty epic.

Owen K.C. Stephens

Craziest Thing That Happened That You Saw.

There have been a lot of memorable moments over the years. A Rolemaster player rolling 01-03 on % dice three times in a row that caused a failed spell in a barroom brawl to go from putting a guy to sleep to blowing his head off. The Wild Surge that rolled a “random encounter,” which then rolled “Small Fortress,” which caused a full-armed-and-operational super-agent compound to fall on a group of drow slavers in a 2nd Ed D&D game. The unbelievably bad luck of Jacknife, a HERO system villain who was “on paper” the most dangerous psychopathic killer I had ever thrown at any heroes, but in practice was such an ineffectual sad sack the players actually felt bad for him.
But I think the craziest thing I ever saw actually *wasn’t* the result of fringe die results.
It was a 1st ed…

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