N.O.W. Playtest is OUT! Veranthea’s layout has begun!

cover art for NOWIt’s TRUE! I’ve some flash fiction to do for it yet, but if you want to take one your careers in Gun Fu, knock about in a martial arts brawl overflowing with CHI, build a super sweet vigilante vehicle, dismantle an evil organization bent on world domination, experience the How to Make an Entrance mini-adventure, or even play as a cartoon (and a hell of a lot more—it’s a big book) swing by EN World!


The Veranthea Codex is steaming along as well! All of the custom artwork is in and I talk about preparing copy for layout (and show off  some of the settlement cartography included in the book!) in the most recent Kickstarter update.

More is brewing in my radical world, but we’re almost done with new mechanics and such (Michael McCarthy’s rough draft of the Dragonminded prestige class came in today—it is excellent—and I’m working through final approval of copyedits to the regions now). We’ve got a few score of NPCs to design yet (the alchemists, cavaliers, gunslingers, and so on), but we’re looking forward to having all of the typing-heavy bits finished up before the end of February arrives.
In short? Still on schedule and:

yo we got dis


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