1) There’s an exciting update coming up on Valentine’s Day. That’s all I’m to say about it.

2) I am refraining from speaking on it any further (beyond a few remarks early on in the article’s staggering list of comments) because I like keeping my feet out of my mouth, so all I’ll say is this: here’s the Recent Controversy in the RPG circles.

3) Two new players have joined my Tuesday game; we had a great introductory session and next week the entire group’s got a genuine plan for raiding Doroji Manor in Tian-Ti Ang, the city of vampires! A GENUINE PLAN! I am very much looking forward to seeing them free the legendary samurai held captive there, and all the madness sure to follow.

4) Did you know we’re finishing the AaWBlog Adventure Path this month?! Forsaken Frontier is a high-level adventure that rampages across battlefields throughout the Disputed Territories of Aventyr, and we’ve got the Four Horsemen in the mix too (the game designers, not the mythical avatars). If undead armies fighting over the Shining City of Salamangka sounds like it is up your alley, go check it out!

5) There’ll be a new element to the AaWBlog starting in March. I can’t currently say anything more about it, but it is extra awesome and you should be very stoked.


That’s it folks; make sure to check out this page or the Veranthea Codex update page on February 14th!