Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, fans of comedy and D&D of all ages!


You float in a void of nothingness, weightless and powerless. Slowly the familiar scent of sea water broadsides your senses and waves of nauseating pain rack your mind as memories of a terrible storm and incredibly swift current return to you. With a start your eyes snap open to dazzlingly bright sunlight  streaking around soft white clouds in a bright blue sky. 
As you slowly move around a little, checking your limbs for damage and assessing the situation, you notice your allies coming to as well. Each of you is clutching what you could salvage from the wreckage and is covered in sand and sunburn, clearly having lay here for some time. Before you shout out to them, your group collectively snaps to attention as the sounds of guttural, savage dialogue can be heard from over a nearby rock on the sandy shore.

This is by and far one of my best adventures.

To start, it make psionics super accessible! If your group has been wary of these rules, there are two fantastic resources at their disposal with The Great Pubo Hunt; first of all, the differences between magic and psionics, and how the latter functions, are broken down into a 1-page sheet for easy ingestion (Psionics Psyllabus). Are they (or perhaps you) still not convinced? There are ELEVEN pre-generated (nongendered!) PCs included—one for each psionic race (including TWO NEW RACES!) and each psionic class!

pubo map previewWhat more, the whole endeavor is damnably funny! Your group is going to find communicating with the natives of this island…challenging, let’s say, and in all my playtests the sleuthing was downright hilarious. What they find out about the mysterious pubo the adventurers are made to hunt down for the natives will put your players on the floor with laughter, at least until the other boot falls. But like the best comedies, there’s a third act to this humor-filled romp—but I’m stopping myself here, lest I ruin too many of the great surprises in store for you and yours.

Neat new psionic items, two new races, a wealth of hilarious jokes and comedic situations, a fantastic new creature, and so much more await you. I cannot recommend this strongly enough: if you buy anything for your roleplaying group this week (or this month!) it needs to be The Great Pubo Hunt!


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