Stephanilesia, the Goddess of Fate and Love (and milady)

I mention it frequently but there is not a number of times that will be enough: Stephanie Connors is amazing and I love her to pieces. She literally kidnapped me a few hours after meeting me and hasn’t let me go, and I am unbelievably happy that she did so. Since then I’ve gone from being despondent (and honestly, kind of pathologically suicidal?) to looking forward to being alive and seeing what the future holds. I was a foreman for a landscaping crew, and now I’m an author managing the production of a book about one of the worlds inside my head.

Stephanie I love you so f#(%ing much it drives me insane.

Stephanie hiding behind my familiar, Felix.

So much so that she’s my proper Goddess of Love and Fate, Stephanilesia.
Enjoy this preview of the rough drafts from Chapter 1 of the Veranthea Codex and have yourself a happy Valentine’s Day, folks. 😀

valentines day page



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