MASTERS OF VERANTHEA Playtest (Pathfinder RPG)

Check it out! Gorgeous maps! Original artwork! The core team delving into the very depths of the most radical campaign setting for the Pathfinder RPG!

Happening right now (6pm est)!


[Edit: Now on YouTube!]


The Adventurer’s Weekly Webcomic!

ISSUE #1 RIGHT HERE! Updating every Friday! 😀

In other news, the N.O.W. manuscript is getting fixed up over at EN Publishing, the AaWBlog is obviously ramping up for an amazing year, and SECRET PROJECT has had its first character generation playtest (which went wonderfully).

Veranthea Codex is coming along wonderfully as well! The first chapter is awaiting the last minor tweaks and will be ready for PDF, chapter 2 (the biggest one) is about halfway through layout, chapters 3-5 are ready for layout, chapter 6 is ready for my last review before layout, and chapters 7-18 or so are about 50% written. 😀