[VIDEO] British Summarisation of the Brother Taisho, by Gentleman Gnoll Rorak the Minstrel

The gnoll bard in the Brother Taisho game (set in the Veranthea Codex), Rorak, breaks down some of the plot to Sai-Ping, Satoru, and Vandal.

Best parts:
“The magic crystal of idiot detection, you remember – the Shiomasu Shimasu: the magical crystal of idiot detection.”
“And I did tell you that solar was an idiot.”
Narrator realizing he is being filmed.
My horrified face at the end.

WARNING – Gentlemanly f-bombs are prevalent during particular sections.


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Wondering where it is I’ve been? Finalizing the last bits of copy for Veranthea Codex! A second layout artist has joined the team (Rogue Genius Games’ own LJ Stephens!) and is working from the back to the front, so all of the NPC back stories and math checking is going on now so she can meet in the middle with Justin Gagen (who just cracked open the Adventuring chapter, the part for new races, classes, and rules—the biggest chapter).

The beta playtest has gone out and is getting an update by the end of the month, and a GLOBALLY RECOGNIZED ARTIST (one that has done covers for RPG books you likely own!!!!!) is on board for #SECRETPROJECT and I am bouncing off of the walls!!!

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