Donate to the ENnies and I’ll croon! VC is all in layout! #SECRETPROJECT gains momentum!

Go here to help support the ENnies and I will dress up in a suit to croon on stage! Remember that the ENnies are a huge part of the RPG Industry and driven by these contributions, so definitely consider dropping a dollar or two!

Veranthea Codex is completely written and now it’s all in layout! We’re some PDF edits away from the final product, people! Expect to hear something solid about that within the next month.

#SECRETPROJECT is gaining momentum and I’m acquiring more truly amazing talent (known worldwide in some cases!!!) for it every day!

#SECRETPROJECT reveal 5.11.2015

Interested? Going to Gen Con 2015? Get into a #SECRETPROJECT game now before the rest of the sessions fill up! Just drop me an e-mail at mike.myler.adventures|at|, on Twitter, or on Facebook and we’ll reserve a spot for you!

playtest schedule gencon 2015 5.16.2015

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