hypercorps 2099 reveal 6.29

End of the most recent playtest:
With her location compromised by Viztao whitehats, LANrefn1 pulled out her hyperjack just in time not to get fried by the viruses drowning the panels of hardware all around her apartment. Meanwhile the deathbot on-site she’d managed to hack had just been fried by sec-ops hot on the tail of Warp and Cripple Beast—fortunately she had enough time to override a nearby freight elevator and her operator buddies made it to a floor of the Highmark Tower with windows. Bending space, Warp teleports Cripple Beast and the unconscious, bloodied angel dangling over the ex-murderballer’s shoulder onto relatively safety on an empty rooftop a few blocks away. Grabbing her go bag and dipping out the fire exit, Tilla the hacker dodges out the back alley just as Viztao drones start cutting through the windows to her old home, the sound of wailing sirens incoming.



…being revealed at 6PM EST!

SO STAY TUNED! I spent all day today writing one of the adventures for the games at Gencon (which are filling up!!! Contact me on Facebook or at mike.myler.adventures (at) gmail.com) and I’m still on an adrenaline overdrive from the experience.

gencon games schedule 2015 as of 6.7

Click on your seat belts and strap on your helmets.

Sunday June 7th.