It’s been an extremely busy two weeks!

Veranthea Codex backers should be getting their extra PDFs soon (if not by the time I post this!) and all the extra material (NPC Cards, Face Cards, VTT Maps, the GM Screen) is prepped, ready for the necessary folks to come in and knock the final steps of those rewards out. In other words, out of my hands until layout is done with things! On top of that I pounded out an awesome introductory (low-level) adventure to introduce folks to the world of Veranthea (you’ll recognize the main villain and love to hate him) and had an excellent meeting earlier tonight with the writer for The Veil (subversive submersions).

In other news Hypercorps2099.com is online! Go check it out to start uncovering the global plot!

Until then get a look at the totally super sweet cover for the Hypernet PDF and stop by before the Kickstarter launches on Monday August 31st to get a peek at the other covers for the rest of the awesome free stuff that goes out when the project’s funding period begins!

hypernet pdf cover 7.13.2015

jarikkol app promo attempt three

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