[Q&A] Mike Myler (Hypercorps 2099)

Hypercorps 2099 Q&A!

The Hardboiled GMshoe's Office

[20:03] <+Mike_Myler> Hello everyone! My I’m Mike Myler (as you may have surmised), a full-time freelance game designer for a few years now. I’ve worked with Fantasy Flight Games, Paizo, EN World, and a slew of other publishers, and won an award for my blog (the AaWBlog!) on AdventureAWeek.com

[20:03] <+Mike_Myler> Last year I ran a Kickstarter for my house campaign setting (Veranthea Codex) and that goes on sale later this month, but right NOW I’m running a Kickstarter for a new project: Hypercorps 2099!

[20:04] <+Mike_Myler> *Hypercorps 2099* is a rule system you lay over your existing game (Pathfinder or D&D 5th Edition) to make it into not just fantasy, but cyberpunk superhero fantasy.

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