HYPERCORPS 2099 HAS FUNDED! Also Know Direction podcast and a LIVE Q&A on Friday October 2nd!

So much has happened!

  1. Still exercising *arm juke*
  2. HYPERCORPS 2099 HAS FUNDED! We have 11 days left to break through stretch goals and we’re already fast approaching the first one!
  3. We’re doing a LIVE Q&A for Hypercorps 2099 on Friday October 2nd at 8PM EST (5 PM PST)! Stop by the update and leave your question(s) as a comment or drop by the Hypercorps 2099 Facebook page and let us know there!

  4. I was a guest on the excellent KNOW DIRECTION Pathfinder RPG Podcast! You can watch it all right here!
  5. To Stake A Vampire is finally out and it is burning up the charts! Grab your copy of this classically-styled D&D adventure filled with numerous dungeons, fantastic holy relics, and a truly terrifying vampire lord that will cut the adventurer’s so deeply that the players bleed! It is currently on sale for $5 (!!!) so get it while it’s cheap!

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