YOU can now own a copy of the VERANTHEA CODEX!!!


  • Get it here (PDF, softcover, or hardback).
    • There is a 32 page preview PDF you can get for free on that page!
    • There are also 4 free PDFs from the Kickstarter campaign: here, here, here, and here.
  • The book is huge – 382 pages of FREAKING AWESOME.
    • 60+ pages on Grethadnis, a medieval fantasy continent just coming into an age of steampunk as war grips its nations once again.
    • 50+ pages for Urethiel, magical wuxia lands of high fantasy in an age of unprecedented prosperity.
    • 50+ pages in Trectoyri, the monstrous-ruled dieselpunk realm ruled over by Goblinvania, powered as much by enslaved Kind Folk as it is toxic-spewing technology.
    • 10+ pages detailing the Forever Dark, a massive network of underground tunnels and caves that link the three great continents together.
    • 60+ pages of player options detailing half a dozen new races, almost two dozen class archetypes and prestige classes, a slew of new vehicles, and much more.
    • More than 100 base class NPCs designed by Paizo freelancers, making an NPC Codex for everything not in the NPC Codex but before the Advanced Class guide (alchemists, samurai, magus, ninja, summoners [and eidolons!], etc.).
  • This is the best god damn Pathfinder book of 2015.
  • If you don’t believe me there are 5 PDFs you can download now for free (totaling almost 50 pages of material) and I encourage you to let me know what’s holding you back from ordering a copy today!
  • Are you still here?!? Go order your print of the book and start adventuring in the quintessential campaign setting of (what reviewers have called) hyper fantasy as soon as possible!

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