The Great Monopoly Money Casino Caper

Owen K.C. Stephens

I mentioned this story recently, and a few folks claimed they’ve never heard it. This amazes me, because it’s one of my favorite stories.

In the late 1990s, my wife Lj worked for Saxon Publishing, a Norman, OK company that made math textbooks. Its staff, unsurprisingly, had a lot of people with mathematics degrees who wrote, designed, edited, and even fielded questions from school boards about their math texts.

One year for their Christmas party, which I attended with Lj, they had a professional for-fun-only casino come in. Everyone was given 10,000 of “Monopoly money.” There was a roulette wheel, craps, poker, blackjack, and a horseracing track. We were to play for 2 hours, and then the three people who had the most Monopoly money would get prizes. Lj didn’t want to play so she gave me her 10k, doubling my stake.

The mathematicians all rushed to whatever game of…

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Chris Perkins on upcoming D&D storylines and products

Merric’s Musings

Chris Perkins gave a seminar at GameHole 2015 about Wizards’ future plans for D&D adventures and products. The Gaming and BS Podcast recorded the seminar and posted it. I’m very grateful to them!

There were a lot of interesting topics covered in the seminar. I’ve written a summary of some of the key points below, although I may have misinterpreted some of what he said. So, if you have time, listen to the seminar (it runs at about 90 minutes).

However, for those of you who prefer reading this sort of material, here’s the summary!

Story First and Product Plans

  • Wizards have no interest in releasing product unless they have a story to tell. Gone are the days where they were bound by the requirement to release a book (or more) a month.
  • This is partly driven by business realities; partly driven by knowledge of facts gained through surveys and…

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[Q&A] Mike Myler (Veranthea Codex)

Questions about Veranthea Codex? I answer many of them here and you might find what you seek in this chat log!

The Hardboiled GMshoe's Office

[19:02] <+Mike_Myler> I’m Mike Myler, full-time freelance game designer for various companies (from bigguns like Fantasy Flight and Paizo to smaller outfits) — you’ll find my stuff in many different places. What today’s Q&A is about is the VERANTHEA CODEX, my house campaign setting and almost 400 pages of the best Pathfinder material around.

[19:03] <+Mike_Myler> Although to call it just a campaign setting is a bit of an injustice; there’s a 60 page chapter on new rules, races, and classes, and then 100 NPCs in the back (like the NPC Codex but for gunslingers, alchemists, magii, etc.)

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