[Q&A] Mike Myler (Veranthea Codex)

Questions about Veranthea Codex? I answer many of them here and you might find what you seek in this chat log!

The Hardboiled GMshoe's Office

[19:02] <+Mike_Myler> I’m Mike Myler, full-time freelance game designer for various companies (from bigguns like Fantasy Flight and Paizo to smaller outfits) — you’ll find my stuff in many different places. What today’s Q&A is about is the VERANTHEA CODEX, my house campaign setting and almost 400 pages of the best Pathfinder material around.

[19:03] <+Mike_Myler> Although to call it just a campaign setting is a bit of an injustice; there’s a 60 page chapter on new rules, races, and classes, and then 100 NPCs in the back (like the NPC Codex but for gunslingers, alchemists, magii, etc.)

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