It’s been over a month since my last post! Eek!

I have been working extremely hard on Hypercorps 2099 and am proud to inform the world that barring three backer reward contributions, 202 of the 204 pages of the Pathfinder book’s copy are DONE and ready for layout! 😀
Nathanael’s artwork is still trickling in and delighting me with an increasingly regular frequency, and my dream is that we can publish this version before 2015 ends.

Override profile pic.png
This would be the cover by Claudio Pozas, featuring (among others) the fellow in the video for the Kickstarter (which you can watch here). LANrefn1 is up there behind him and also has an entry in the book).

The rest of my week (and probably a good deal of next week) is going almost exclusively to 5th Edition Hypercorps 2099! Fortunately about 20% of that is ready to go as-is, but I expect the rest to come along nicely without too much trouble fixing this or that aspect of the system to match the different rule set.

If you’re keen to some 5E D&D cyberpunk goodness right now, however, you can become a Patron of EN5ider to get my Reskinning for Genre article!

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