If you’re a Hypercorps 2099 backer, check the project page and look for your survey — we’re fulfilling PDF rewards two months ahead of schedule!
If you’re a Veranthea Codex backer, the third new product of the line is out and it is amazing (aliens, pirates, robots and so much more are inside in Into the Veil!)

Otherwise you’re here for MISTS OF AKUMA: Eastern Fantasy Noir Steampunk for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition!

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My newest Kickstarter project is going off with a BANG and you can get four free PDFs filled with content usable in any D&D 5E game, accompanied by beautiful illustrations and context that give you a great idea of what the final Mists of Akuma book has to offer!

What will you find in the complete Mists of Akuma 5th Edition campaign setting?
• Scores of beautiful, brand new illustrations from several talented artists to truly depict the unique world of Soburin in all of its dark, gritty glory
• Detailed workings of Sanbaoshi, the capital of Soburin and home to the Imperial Palace of the Masuto Dynasty
• Information on the Star of the North, Chikan, one of the unique scientific prefectures of Soburin
• A section on Nagabuki, Gem of the South and one of Soburin’s most traditional states
• The 23 great clans of Soburin, each with statistics for a unique Bengoshi (government agent) and henchman
• Five different imperial dragons and over a dozen oni, fi lling your game with exciting new monsters especially suited for eastern fantasy
• A treasure trove of new class options!
Bushibot Martial Archetype, Circle of Blight, Circle of Shifting, Clockwork Adept Arcane  Tradition, College of the Gun Priest, Detective Rogue Archetype, Herbalist Rogue Archetype, Kami Divine Domain, Mage Arcane Tradition, Martial Artist Monastic Tradition, Ninja Rogue Archetype, Priest Monastic Tradition, Samurai Sacred Oath, Tattoed Monastic Tradition, Shinobibot Archetype, Tsukumogami Hunter Ranger Archetype, Wu-Jen Warlock Pacts (with four patrons for every season of Soburin)
• New races for players in Soburin!
Humans (Soburi, Ceramian, and Ropaeo), Bakemono, Enjin, Hengeyokai (of the Cat, Dog, Monkey, Rat, Crane, Fox, and Spider varieties), Kappa, Mutants, Necroji, Oni-Touched, Psonorous, Pyon, Shikome, Steametic, Tanuki, Tengu, Umibo
• Dozens of new feats for spellcasters, warriors, and deadly martial artists
• Eastern armor and weapons, and a retinue of steampunk equipment
• Two new attributes to instill flavor into your game: Dignity and Haitoku

What are you waiting for?! Go check out the promotional PDFs, stop by the FAQ, watch the videos below, or read these blog articles (on Grognard, Ed the Bard, and EN World [twice!]) about Mists of Akuma then pledge to make this amazing campaign setting a reality!

The Defective Geeks Actual Play [or as podcast episode 1, episode 2, episode 3]

Mike Myler on the Mythwits!

Test Subjects of a Kagaku-Sha Actual Play


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