Have Spellbook, Will Travel, Roll20 Con, and Mists of Akuma

Awww yeah! Learn about SANBAOSHI, the Imperial Capital, Nagabuki (Gem of the South) and Chikan (Star of the North)! Then get to the Kickstarter page, snag some free goodies, and pledge! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/verantheacodex/mists-of-akuma-eastern-fantasy-noir-steampunk-for/

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Hey everyone! I have a bunch of updates for some really cool new projects I’ve been working on awesome people with.

Have Spellbook, Will Travel

First up – Have Spellbook, Will Travel. You may have heard Rudy Basso and I discuss our new podcast on the most recent episode of the Round Table. You can listen to the first episode TODAY. It just dropped.

What is Have Spellbook, Will Travel? It is a fantasy comedy drama radio play podcast that’s the brainchild of Rudy Basso. The podcast is loosely based on events and moments that happened in our own Dungeons and Dragons games. The podcast is funny, clever, and features some great characters we hope you’ll fall in love with the way we have. This thing is a real labor love that we made with our amazing actor friends who also love games. If you listen to the…

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