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Just over two years ago now, Mike Myler, who I met while working on Rise of the Drow, asked if I wanted to work with him on one of his big projects: publishing his home campaign setting of Veranthea.ย  I was a little hesitant at first, never having worked on something so ambitious, and with Rise of the Drow being the only Kickstarter I had ever been involved in (where I was a stretch goal and didnโ€™t give it much concern until my tier was met), here Iโ€™d be in on the ground floor.

We met in person at Paizocon 2014, Mike showed me all his campaign notes from years of running a series of complex home games. I made a few comments, but I eventually agreed. We started work on it together not long after, (Mike) recruited a bunch of great people and (Mike) laid out the planโ€ฆ

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