Mists of Akuma

He’s right! I’m all done though — now we’re waiting on 3 maps and it’ll be ready to go. 🙂

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Back in April (of 2016, to be clear), I was part of another kickstarter project, this time with Storm Bunny Studios: Mists of Akuma. Once again working with Mike Myler, we devised another campaign setting: asian steampunk noir post-apocolyptic fantasy… It certainly is a lot of themes, and it took a little jostling to make everything work – but in the end I think it did. Since it’s not released quite yet, I won’t know for some time if our backers and community agree.

It’s also for 5th edition – and was my first time working at a professional level in the edition. Since I was once again the editor, that meant I had to get up to speed, quickly. I read the entirety of the Players Handbook and most of the Dungeon Master’s Guide over the course of the month-long kickstarter to prepare for the writing and editing.


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