The end of the 2099Wasteland Kickstarter, free Scrapper PDF, and other bits of awesome!

The 2099 Wasteland Kickstarter is ending this Sunday December 18th and we really need a big push to make the funding goal so if you haven’t gone to check out the project yet please do so — there’s now a fourth free PDF for you to enjoy!


What Else Mike Has Been Up To

Making this awesome page with examples of my various talents! Check it out!

I’ve also prepared several titles for print and have a number of proofs (eight I think?) coming to my house, not limited to but including the revised The Black Knight Pathfinder adventure, Veranthea Codex: Forever Dark, TWO Mists of Akuma adventures, and one mysterious hardback for Veranthea. 😉

Expect pictures for when these goodies reach my house!

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