RAGMAN or Mike Plays The Demolished Ones (probably incorrectly)

A few months ago Savannah Broadway ran The Demolished Ones for me and two other lucky players.

I am fairly certain that I was not playing the game correctly.

Character creation in The Demolished Ones is a little different than normal and partly supplied by your fellow players. Here’s what we ended up with:

NAME: RAGMAN (formerly known as John)
DISTINCTIVE PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Skinny but muscular–his muscled body is sinewy.
HOW YOU SEEM TO OTHERS: Calmer than he should be for an amnesiatic.
1) I have punched a tremendous number of people.
2) If I punch anything enough times, it breaks.
3) There isn’t an alcohol I have not tried.
4) I am well aware of how the police do their jobs.
I’m unaware of how to spoiler things so if anyone is interested to find out these (which involve the game’s natural plot) ask in the comments and I’ll share. 🙂
None to start with but he got his hands on guns by the end of it (no small feat).
From what I can recall, he was maxed out on Might (or Physique), had decent Athletics, Burglary, and Fight, and I think picked up some Guns near the end.
The only one I can remember was Ragman using his Might to charm/deceive/intimidate people.

The game begins with the other players trapped in a room rather obviously about to be framed. Everything spirals into a very grandiose and meta plot by the end of things, but by golly did I make damn sure we spent a long time getting there. Savannah said that most sessions she’s run for this last a few hours, maybe even two sessions.
By my count we played seven sessions before reaching the end of the game.
As you may have surmised, this had a lot to do with RAGMAN.
When they gave me my character bits and we’d settled in, I looked at everything on here and I was like “well that just sounds like a drunk, reckless Batman with no money.” About five minutes later I’d scrambled him out of the basement the game begins in, swaddled him in disgusting rags, and began stalking after the Police Commissioner (before intimidating him in due course in what would quickly become a slippery slope to Geneva-Convention-defying interrogations).
For all his flaws–and he had many flaws, the best of which was sneakily talking another player into becoming his sidekick, “Pidgeon”, before anyone else quite realized what had happened–Ragman will not soon be forgotten, and I think I can definitively say that nobody has punched their way through that adventure as furiously (or as unsuccessfully) as he.
The Demolished Ones is fun though! If you’re looking for something outside of the regular d20 wheelhouse, I recommend it. 🙂

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